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“What I like most is how attentive to detail you are, and the communication is really good”

We've been running the email strategy for Vush for over a year and helped them add $55,000 /m in additional sales within 3 months of working together, and also exceed their black friday expectations by over 40%


Luke Vucinic

Co-Founder of Vush

"From 10% in May, email now accounts for about ~35% percent of our monthly revenue"

Mia has been working with us for over 14 months now and we helped enhance the relevancy of their email campaigns to specific segments to create a loyal readership of interested buyers


Mia Lewin

Marketing Manager of Scooch

“With Hamilton, we increased our revenue from flows from 7% to over 30% monthly."

Alex is the Head of Ecommerce at Epokhe and we've been working with him and his team for just over 2 years and since then we've implemented a number of sophisticated customer retention flows and messaging and have quickly seen the brand almost triple in revenue.


Alex Dietrich

eCommerce / Operations Manager of Epokhe

“Performance is fantastic. Attitude is Fantastic. They're really good to work with.

We've been running the full email strategy for Srini for over 2 years now and have played a small part in helping his 10x his business during that time. With over 35% of his revenue coming from Klaviyo, Srini has seen a 19x ROI with us during this time


Srini Ranganathan

Co-Founder & CEO of Euclove

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Our Systems Have Made
Millions For Our Clients

$68k/month to $112k/month in 2 months

Lacking in-house expertise with email, we helped build an email strategy and execute it across 4 regions to add an additional 44k/m in their main market.

$8k/month to $40k/month in 2 months

Retail - This was facing heavy email deliverability issues. We helped them rehab their sender reputation and turn email into a significant revenue source to add an additional $32k/m.

$2k/month to $31k/month in 4 months

Jewellery With the founder wearing every hat to manage their ecommerce and retail channels, they hit a ceiling.

We found opportunities to funnel their retail success into e-commerce growth and now the business is up $28k/m.

€78k/month to €180k/month in 3.5 months

Wines - We helped significantly increase this brand's  CLTV:CAC ratio by improving pre-purchase 'followup' to retarget dropped site visitors and their post-purchase retention process which allowed them to heavily scale ad spend and double their business.

We've Helped 50+ Businesses Worldwide
"Definitely Recommend Hamilton to other Brands - it's been a massive Improvement to when we were trying to figure out everything ourselves with an in-house team"
Luke Vucinic
Founder and Director at Vush
A Proven Team of Result-Driven Marketers
We're not a mass market agency. We're a small team that drives big results for each client.

From Idea Generation, to Copywriting, to Design, to Review and Iteration. We'll handle your entire email strategy from A-Z

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What we help with:
Low Repeat Purchases / Lifetime Value
Stop customers from dissapearing forever after their first purchase, and build consistency in your revenue from a flywheel of returning customers
Product Launches
Build hype and sell out new product launches within days or hours of release
Limited Time / Expertise
Your team is stretched too thin to effectively focus on retention
Proven Process To Maximize Your Retention Strategy
We've developed a 3 step formula to consistently drive a minimum 10x ROI for our clients every 30 days.
Track LTV, Repeat Purchase Rate
Build Bulletproof Email Flows
Send Value Packed and Segmented Email Campaigns
Retain Customers
Frequently Asked Questions
What Services Do You Offer?
We handle Email and SMS marketing for our clients on both a project and ongoing basis
What Is Your Pricing Packages?
We offer variable and fixed pricing packages tailored to the results we can achieve for each client.

We usually work with our client’s on an ongoing basis, however some client’s may only require a one off buildout which can be engaged as a project
How Long Does It Take To See Results From Email Marketing?
Within 30 days of a strategy going live
Are You Going To Try Sell Me On a Retainer?
No. We are results first and only work with customers that we drive impact for. If you have an in-house team that is executing your email strategy we can work with you on a project / consulting basis to guide their work to be more effective.
Who Are You?
We're a small Boutique Agency based in Sydney Australia serving client's all across the world.

We generate million's of dollars each quarter for our client's and are focused on impact above all else.
Who Are Your Founders?
Don Florentino - Email Marketing Maestro

Don has extensive experience running the email list for large ecommerce brands. He oversees all the daily operations at Hamilton

Milan Raviji - Client Strategy Expert
Milan has 2 years experience working at TikTok, where he's consulted 100s of e-commerce brands on growing their brand. He oversees client strategy at Hamilton
What Makes You Different?
We are purely results focused. On average our client's generate an 11x ROi every single month as a direct impact of our work. See our Case Studies.
How Does Your Service Work?
Our Services are custom for each client we work with. Some require our assistance on an ongoing basis to operate as their inhouse team executing their full email marketing strategy.

For others we may help on a project basis, executing seasonal campaign strategies or one-off Flow Buildout and equip the inhouse team with the tools to run their campaign strategy themselves. Book a call with us to learn what will be the best option for you.
What Is Required From Me?
We have a 2 hour onboarding process. After this we have everything we need to function as your in-house email marketing team.
What Kind of Communication and Support Can I Expect?
We communicate with our client’s daily. (Most of the time)

Some clients decide they’re happy to have us run their strategy independently, so we speak with them less often but still provide weekly updates on performance.
How Do You Handle Email Design and Content Creation?
Our team is built to execute your entire email marketing channel autonomously.

This means we handle the entire creative process including ideation, copy and design.
Can I Control or Approve Content Before It's Sent Out?
Absolutely. As part of our service we handle the ideation process for generating multiple campaigns per week, however we are always flexible to adding in campaigns for certain topics. Everything we send will be approved by you.
What is Email Marketing? Why Should I Care?
At it's core, Email Marketing is selling your products to subscribers of your email list.

You should care because it's one of the most direct ways of reaching your customers in a personal way, and keeping your brand top of mind so you can build loyal brand advocates and encourage repeat purchases.
What is the Revenue Upside of an effective Email Marketing Strategy?
E-Commerce Brands can earn up to 30-40% of their revenue from Emails with an effective strategy.

The reason this is so powerful is because the cost of sending emails is 95% cheaper than the cost of paid advertising, which is primarily how e-commerce brands generate sales.
What's the difference between Flows and Campaigns?
Flows are automated email sequences triggered by specific actions or behaviors, such as signing up for a newsletter or abandoning a cart.

Campaigns are one-off, targeted emails sent to a broad segment of your email list, often used for announcements, promotions, or newsletters.
How many subscribers do I need to do Email Marketing?
Generally 5000 is a minimum.
Can I customise Email Campaigns for Different Audience Segments?
Absolutely, and this is the core of building an effective strategy. There are many different segments of customers on your email list that have varying levels of awareness of who you are. An effective strategy tailors the messaging to each of these segments to engage them as best as possibly and maximise the conversions you earn from your list.
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