40%+ Open Rates but going to spam?
January 15, 2024

Hey there it’s Milan,

Spoke with a founder of a wellness brand recently and he had a key concern with his email performance.

On the surface it looks like he had really good metrics:

40-45% open rates.

1%+ click rate

But he was concerned that the numbers weren’t accurate.

Reason being, he only ever sends to the 60 day list and he was concerned that some inbox servers automatically ‘open’ his emails to scan them for viruses / threats.

What this means is that Klaviyo receives an open signal from some inboxes, even though the recipient hasn’t actually opened the message.

And when it receives an open signal, it gets included in his 60 day engaged segment.

He was worried that a lot of people on his 60 day active list are filled with inboxes like this,

But In reality, they were delivering to spam.

What’s the solution?

Do an Inbox Placement Test.

There’s a few paid tools to use for this:

  • GlockApps (We use this regularly for our clients)
  • Mailmonitor (Also quite good)

There’s also a free option you can do in 10 minutes: gmass.co/inbox

What you need to do is run a test campaign, and send them to the sample inboxes that gmass provides.

From there you can see exactly which folder your email lands for all of their inboxes.

Tip: making a segment with new campaigns is time consuming so just go to one of your flow emails and send a “test email” to the 19 addresses.

In the case of this founder, quite a few were actually going to spam.

So we’ll be running our email rehab protocol for him

If you’d like to learn more about how to rehab your domain, you can schedule time with me here to find out here

Chat soon,


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