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January 15, 2024

Hello hello, its Milan again

In this post I wanted to talk about something that I’ve noticed in my audits of Klaviyo accounts recently

It’s very surprising but a lot of the brands I’m talking to are missing some of the 5 basic Pre-Purchase flows.

This is fairly simple stuff like having a seperate abandoned cart and checkout

Or mistaking one as the other and not having an actual abandoned cart

Or not having a browse abandonment flow setup.

So i think it’s worthwhile actually spending this email making sure you’re not making the same mistake and losing 1000s of conversions per year because of something that takes a weeks work MAX.

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So the 5 basic flows are

  1. Welcome Flow
  2. Active on Site Flow - needs to be set up with code manually
  3. Browse Abandonment
  4. Checkout Abandonment
  5. Cart Abandonment (There's a difference, and you're missing out BIG if you're not aware)

1/ Welcome Flow

  • You all know this one so won’t spent a lot of time: Triggers as soon as someone signs up to mailing list and gives an overview of the brand and products.
  • Good metric for this is does it convert between $1-5 per recipient.
  • $1 for lower AOV, $5 for higher AOV items

2/ Active on Site Flow:

Triggers when someone is looking through website but doesn't click onto a product.

Follow this article to set up active on site tracking https://help.klaviyo.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005076767

If you think about this group of people, they browsing the site but they haven’t seen a product that they’re interested enough to click on, so the content here should be showcasing your best selling items and what the items will do for them

  • Goal is to earn the click and trigger the next flow

3/ Viewed Product or Browse Abandonment Flow:

  • Triggers when someone clicks on a product but leaves site without adding to cart.

- Similar messaging as Active on Site however tailor messaging and benefits to specific products that have been clicked.

4/ Abandoned Cart:

- Triggers when someone clicks add to cart, but leaves without going to the checkout page.

- This is one of the highest converting flows, however so many brands are missing this because it requires an additional code to be added to shopify to trigger correctly when a customer clicks add to cart.

- Klaviyo provides a templated abandoned cart flow with it's shopify integration that actually only triggers when buyers reach the checkout page.

- This alone is costing $1000s in sales per month for brands.

5/ Abandoned Checkout:

- Triggers when someone adds a product to cart, and then clicks onto the checkout page where they fill in payment details.

- Messaging is similar to add to cart, but emphasis on refund policy / shipping / guarantees etc

Hope that was useful.

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