Learn how Scooch Tripled their revenue from emails
Ongoing Email Management
January 15, 2024
Hamilton Media

About Scooch

Scooch is a renowned UK Pet supplements / healthcare brand, selling innovative physical pet products like dog supplements and dental chews. Additionally, their cutting-edge app for pet owners to monitor their pets' health has set them apart in the market. However, despite their strong product line, the company's lean team was stretched too thin to comprehensively build all marketing channels - Specifically foremail marketing.

The Challenges

1. Outdated Email Marketing Strategies: Scooch's email campaigns were sporadic and lacked a structured approach. The content and design of these emails were outdated, failing to mirror the brand's evolution or showcase new products like their health-tracking app.

2. Overburdened Marketing Management: Mia, the marketing manager at Scooch, was single-handedly managing all marketing channels. This left her with little time to focus on strategic planning or improving the existing email marketing efforts.

3. Lack of Segmentation: Email campaigns were essentially blast sent to the entire list of subscribers and weren't personalised to the diverse types of customers on the email list.

4. Flows / Designs were outdated: Foundations flows existed however weren't updated to the Flows / designs were outdated and hadn’t evolved with new products.

The Hamilton Impact

Recognising these challenges, Scooch partnered with us to which led to the following outcomes:

1. Tripled Revenue from Emails Immediately: The most notable success was the tripling of revenue generated from email marketing within 60 days of working together. Have averaged a 17x ROI during our relationship so far.

2. Enhanced Email Segmentation: moving away from broad, generic emails to more personalized communication tailored to specific customer groups.

3. Consistentand more engaging Campaigns: Email campaigns became more regular and and engaging, with genuine value packed messaging including pet care tips, funny stories, and relevant videos, which helped to bring a loyal readership

4. Full oversight: We communicate almost daily with Scooch, despite being in different continents. This ensures that the marketing team has full oversight into what we're planning with emails for the brand.

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