The 8 figure mistake Temu makes with email
January 15, 2024

Hey it’s Milan again, 

Temu - one of the biggest brands in the world… with an entire department dedicated to email marketing… makes this crucial design mistake, so it’s very likely you’re doing it too:

Designing emails on a desktop computer.


Why is that bad, you might ask?

Because 81% of email opens happen on a mobile device.

If you're making content on your desktop, (or a laptop) it might look good on the big screen, but it’s just plain unreadable on a phone. 

The text will be too small, or content will be placed all funny. Something will just be off that will make the experience of reading your email weird for a mobile user.

And if it’s weird, it won’t get read, and it won’t make you money.

Here’s the 8th deadly sin committed by Temu; 

On desktop, having 3 columns to showcase products looks great and helps to show more products with less space. 

On mobile, the content is just too small to read. 

The majority of Temu’s customers - older aged bargain hunters - will literally have to squint to read it. 

Consumers are used to scrolling up and down on a phone like they do on tiktok/facebook.

So if products are side by side, then they’ll be forced to pinch to zoom in to read.

Now, what are the odds that the average 62 year old Temu shopper knows how to do that?

Not that high.

This means that Temu now loses the attention of ALL mobile readers in their emails. 

Which so happens to be a whopping 81% of their email readers. 

With their $3b / year advertising budget, you can fill in the blanks on how much that’s costing them in sales.

(hint: it probably looks something like this: $XX,XXX,XXX/yr)

So how can you avoid making the same mistake as a multi billion dollar corporation?

Simply just design for mobile.

You don’t have to design on a mobile phone, but at the very least you need to make sure you check how your design looks on mobile before it goes out. 

Mobile is more important than desktop, so if you don’t have time to optimise for both, just optimise for mobile. 

If you don’t know how to do that, or you just don’t have time to learn, you can get a proven team to do it for you. 

Book a call with me here to learn more. 

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