Your phone is listening to you?!?
January 15, 2024

Hello hello, It’s Milan once again.

A few days ago I posted a blog about the importance of pre-purchase flows,

and common mistakes that I see even from larger and established brands.

One of those mistakes was not having a seperate abandoned cart and abandoned checkout.

another mistake was not having a browse abandonment flow.

A subscriber responded to that email with the following message

“We have opted out of the Active on Site box.

We understand it may hurt conversions, but we personally despise them because they’re too intrusive. “Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi”

While I understand the sentiment of not being too intrusive. I also noticed that this subscriber’s brand runs meta ads.

Let me explain the contradiction here:

Facebook ads are MUCH more intrusive than an active on site flow

for example, think of a time where you’ve had a conversation about something near your phone and then instagram, facebook and google are peppering you with ads about that thing.

Sometimes it feels like they know what you’re thinking, because you get ads related to your thoughts.

So if you’re a brand running facebook ads, they’re already showing your ads based on what people are speaking or thinking IN PRIVATE.

Whereas with pre-purchase flows you’re sending marketing based on things people do on your website.

All the best


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