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"We were only operating at 40% of what was possible with email . [With Hamilton] we have increased the revenue in just our flows from 7% of our revenue to over 30% monthly."
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Epokhe is an iconic Australian sunglass brand that offers sunglasses. Primarily targeted towards surfers, they have become a genre all on their own through their approach to creativity and design, thriving in both cosmopolitan city centres and remote beaches all over the globe.

Before Hamilton

Epokhe’s lean marketing team was running all the marketing inhouse, including email marketing. This wasn’t a problem.

Their lean marketing team was running their marketing across all channels. This prevented them from developing a truly comprehensive email marketing strategy:

— No personalisation / segmentation of email marketing - everyone was getting the same message

— Minimal flows / automations set up to nurture different segments

— Mass sending campaigns to entire list - not good for deliverability nor was it personalised

After working with Hamilton

— Revenue growth - One-off flow build out has led to $100,000s of additional sales

— Increase website conversion rate - Buildout of pre-purchase email flows nurture customers depending on their stage in the buyers journey and convert visitors to website who leave without engaging with products / making a purchase.

— Increased customer LTV - Comprehensive segmentation helped the Epokhe team to create campaigns that directly target VIP audiences to encourage repeat purchases

— Reduce refund rate - Comprehensive post-purchase flows to improve customer experience after first purchase, and lower buyers remorse.

Review From Alex Dietrich - Marketing Manager

"After working with Don at Hamilton Sales to build out a flow project for us we have increased the revenue in just our flows from 7% of our klayvio revenue to over 30% monthly.

We knew klayvio was an untapped resource for our brand, we had a few minimal flows set up but once we saw what Don and the team created our flows were only sitting at like 40% of what was possible. We now believe this is an integral part of our monthly success.

We tasked the team with creating flows that would increase our brand awareness, loyalty and conversion. They also helped to create really strong customer segments that were customised to our brand and customers."

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